COTCollector Static Data Provider Extension now available
Author: DaveAronow
Creation Date: 12/9/2009 7:31 PM
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The COTCollector Static Data Provider for Wealth-Lab 5.0 is now available as an extension so you will not need to install it manually. To get the extension just go to the provider extensions and look for it (see the "Extensions" link above).

Note the extension will not work without COTCollector, however it will work with the demo version of COTCollector which is available from Note that COTCollector requires the .Net 2.0 Framework, however if you do not have the framework the installation package will download it and install it for you.

COTCollector is a Commitments of Traders data manager, updating from the CFTC website each week as new data is published. For more information on the Commitments of Traders report, see the CFTC website:

Please post any questions you have about the provider or COTCollector here.
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Dave Aronow
Aronow Software, LLC
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Version 4 of the adapter is now available to coincide with version 4.0 of COTCollector.

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