Automating Authentication in Wealth-Lab Developer
Author: Ben_Zurich
Creation Date: 2/17/2016 5:32 AM
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We are running Wealth Lab as a core applicatino to calculate about 200 models, charts and the like which we are then uploading to our Intranet.

These things are based on end of day data and run through the night on an unattended machine.

During that process, we usually have a disruption of that process once a month due to the re-logon / confirmation of license windows. Wealth Lab can the nnot start automatically and therefore an entire production is blocked.

What kind of information could you deliver to us that enables us to automate that re-logon process with our batch tool?

We suspect that in order to automate this with our Scripting / Macro software (we use Auto-It), we need to identify the Basic Window Info Classes and Basic Control Info Classes for all 4 windows of the login process.

Any help highly appreciated.

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I was about to suggest AutoIT but since you're already using it, to identify the needed classes you could use AutoIt Window Information Tool.
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Perform an authentication manually every 2 weeks. If you do that, you will not be bothered to do it when the machine is unattended.
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okay, we shall try with the Autoit Window tool.

To be honest, if we would have to contiue to authenticate manually, that is very cumbersome, because we have a lot of other things to do than thinking about authenticating a software that runs on a virtual machine in the background which we want to touch as little as possible during normal operations!

You should understand our context:
we already had to build a dozen of workarounds with Auto-It to ensure stability of our batch processing because running through our charts and models often creates thread aborts (for reasons that nobody seems to understand) which require several re-run loops until everything has been written correctly. Kind regards, BG

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Authentication is mandatory, this requirement is not going to change. To not worry about it even if automating it would not succeed for some reason, you could put a task on a bi-weekly schedule in your favorite calendar.
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