Arms Ease of Movement
Author: zorgnak
Creation Date: 2/28/2011 7:47 PM
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The Wealth Lab version of Arms Ease of Movement indicator doesn't appear to match any of the other versions in several of my
other charting package. For an example Worden, Tradestation and Linnsoft have the 85 period EOM crossing the Zero line on XOP on 9/21/10.
The WL version of the 85 period EOM is completely different. Any thoughts?
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The derivation in the Wiki documentation matches Wealth-Lab's version (I think I actually correctly this one in a recent version). Do you see a problem with the code?

In fact, it was in 6.0:
EMV corrected for division by zero and improved to use the period parameter. The new implementation is approximately the same as before with period = 1.
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Thanks for responding and making me look deeper. I can be so lazy sometimes...
I think that WL's formula is different than the other packages. It appears to me that it's because WL's version includes a scaling factor whereas the others (5 of them) that I've checked do not.I became used to what appears to be a more often used version of the indicator. How might I remove the scaling factor and be still be able to adjust the smoothing?
/Investor's RT/
EMV = [(HI + LO)/2 - (HI.1 - LO.1)/2] / [VOL/(HI - LO)]



[((H + L)/2) - ((Hp + Lp)/2)] divided by ((v)/ H - L))


H = Current periods high price
L = Current periods low price
Hp = the previous periods high price
Lp = the previous periods low price
V = current periods volume

MidPoint = (High + Low)/2 - (Highn - Lown)/2
BoxRatio = (Volume / 1e6 ) / (High - Low)
EMV = MidPoint / BoxRatio


* n = period
* High and Low are the high and low over the indicator's period, and, Volume is the cumulative volume over the period
* 1e6 is a scaling factor
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How might I remove the scaling factor and be still be able to adjust the smoothing?
You can remove the scaling just by dividing by 1e6, but the scaling factor won't affect where the indicator crosses zero or its relative values. It only makes values like 0.000005 to be 0.5, so that you don't have to look at a bunch of leading zeroes.

It appears to me that excluding the scaling, the formulae are precisely the same.
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Yes..without the scaling the formula are the same but the presentation on the chart is altogether different in WL than in any other chart package I use. Here's the 85 Day EOM as presented in a chart from another chart program. This is the same EOM presentation in all other chart packages I use except in WL. Compare WL's chart of EOM (85) on symbol XOP and compare it to the one below. Hopefully you can tell me what I might be doing wrong here.
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I don't think there's anything you could do wrong. There's probably something about the formula that I interpreted incorrectly or programmed wrong... but I sure don't see it!
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"I don't think there's anything you could do wrong.
" Ah Ha! You have no idea of my powers!
I'll check back and see if anything comes of it.
Thanks Zorg
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