Anyway to get daily turnover volume?
Author: wbzhang
Creation Date: 12/4/2010 11:40 AM
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I am a WL dev 6 user, so I cannot access Fidelity data.
Anyone knows how to get daily turnover volume? Actually turnover volume could be computed from trading volume and total shares outstanding. However, MSN fundamental data "shares" item only provide yearly data, which is not good enough to compute daily turnover. Any suggestion to get daily turnover data? thanks!
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Actually, turnover refers to what % of the "Float" traded in a given period of time. Float is *not* the same as Total number of shares outstanding. If you can get the Float value from somewhere, turnover would be easy to calculate. Fidelity doesn't provide Float as a fundamental item; perhaps its available from Yahoo (I haven't tried).
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As a side note, Yahoo! doesn't provide float as a fundamental item. One may only get the latest snapshot value of Float (GetFloat in Community.Components).
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Thanks. I checked YCharts, and it does not provide float as well. I am curious that turnover is a very basic and useful variable, why it is that hard to get. Actually in many cases turnover is more useful than volume during backtesting.
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