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Author: grtrader
Creation Date: 11/28/2018 1:22 PM
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Is it possible to add some parameter to the Bars object itself instead of creating a new series? For example, lets say I want to have a series of the difference between the high and low. I can create a separate series. Could I instead add the "High - Low" as a member of the Bars object and call it hilodiff, so that I could reference it by Bars.hilodiff?
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Only static data providers are allowed to establish so called NamedSeries (i.e. named DataSeries) because they can serialize them with the Bars object when storing the data on your disk. A WealthScript Strategy generally cannot serialize Bars objects. Technically you can do it on demand (see Bars object > SaveToFile / LoadFromFile in the QuickRef) but loading them back would be pretty cumbersome (I mean, the user experience isn't that smooth). So I don't see a good reason to pursue this from a practical standpoint.
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Is it possible to add some parameter to the Bars object itself instead of creating a new series?
Just to clarify, your intent is to save this new "computed" series to disk rather than cache.... Right? As you probably know, a computed DataSeries is already cached in memory if you do not create it with the "new" operator.

On saving a computed DataSeries (or Bars object) to disk, I would estimate your computer could probably recompute that object much faster than it could read a copy off of a mechanical disk. Now if your computer is using a solid-state disk drive instead, then the time it takes to recompute the DataSeries verse reading a copy from the solid-state disk would be about the same. Bottom line, the speed of the FPU (floating-point unit) is probably about the same--if not faster--than processing it through the disk drive handler and the OS's I/O channels.
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I take my words back. Most importantly you cannot register a Named DataSeries with the Bars object (from a WealthScript Strategy) because it's locked for modifications:

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You cannot do it. Period.
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