ActiveTrader 2005-11 Gap Buy: AutoProfitLevel doesn't generate exit orders
Author: gfparker
Creation Date: 2/7/2018 6:29 PM
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In the ActiveTrader 2005-11 Gap Buy strategy coded by Cone, I run the strategy at the open a couple of times against a watchlist, which stages the orders in the Orders window under my Fidelity account number. I then hit place orders and the orders go to Fidelity fine. The initial orders are all market orders to buy on the open. When the order gets filled, I have AutoProfitLevel set in order to set a Limit exit order on the same bar, but the strategy doesn't seem to generate these orders. I have "Allow Same Bar Exits for Auto-Trading" checked in preferences and the strategy is activated and Auto-Stage enabled in the Strategy monitor

Thanks for your help.
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It sounds like all the requirements are in place to make it work, so I'll take a look at it today and report after the open.
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In my test, I found that it was required to have Auto-Trading (Auto-Place) enabled for the same-bar exit order to appear. The User Guide states:

Though it's not strictly necessary, Auto-Trading should be enabled to promptly place the entry-bar stop and/or limit orders.


3. Enable Auto-Trading mode for the Orders tool. If you don't have Auto-Trading entitlements, you must click "Place" to submit all orders from the Orders queue, including the same-bar exit orders.

So in both cases, it says to enable Auto-Trading, but at the same time it says that it's not absolutely required. Nonetheless, I've confirmed this was the requirement for WLPro, so the User Guide needs to be corrected.
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