best book to learn wealthscript?
Author: ww2by2
Creation Date: 6/4/2010 2:11 PM
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i am a novice and am looking for book recommendations for learning wealthscript.

a book (not an ebook, or web based tutorial), but a paperback, hopefully with a lot of examples.

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You don't have to learn WealthScript, per se, you should learn .NET. If you want to use the built-in Editor, learn the C# variety of .NET. See the WealthScript Programming Guide (Help menu) Introduction for more on this.
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Cone, how do you bring up all relevant functions and/or options and/or arguments in the Editor window in v5.6?
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Ctrl+Spacebar - what appears may or may not be relevant.

Shift+Ctrl+Spacebar in a parameter list - what appears here will be precisely relevant.

These are pretty standard keystrokes for development environments.
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Thanks, will try them out.
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Wealth Lab Algorithmic Trading Starter Kit Course on Udemy Available Now

Highly informative course on Algorithmic Trading for Wealth Lab available on Udemy now! The course is suitable for beginners and users with experience.

The course starts with covering the basics of trade system design providing complete frameworks ready to use for standard modular strategy scenarios such as various market entry and exit techniques, position support, money management, multi symbol and multi frame strategies and many more.

The course demonstrates ready to use code with walkthroughs and also provides the basics of C# programming in the context of Wealth Lab explained on examples that are easy to understand for traders.

The course also provides some interesting tools and exclusive strategies based on the theory of Pivot and Fractal trading.

36 lectures, 17 hours of video content and over a thousand lines of code explained and walked through.
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