Zip file dates on open source attachments
Author: timprice7
Creation Date: 10/8/2013 7:53 PM
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I'm a registered user and have downloaded the open source attachments in the past. I noticed that a number of the addin packages have been updated recently but the associated attachments have older dates on the zip files. For example....

Package Extension Updated Attachment Zip Date
Visualizer 07-2013 07-2012
PosSizer 09-2013 11-2011
Community Ind. 09-2013 12-2012

Is the source attachments released simultaneously with the extension?
If yes, can you direct me to how to get the updated attachments?
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It's a misconception that the open source attachments must be updated when the associated extension is. For closed source extensions with their source code in the Wiki, we only provide limited versions for demo purposes.

1. As stated before, the source code of MS123 Visualizers (new generation) will no longer be open. Demo version 2012.07 (previous generation) is the final available package. The purpose of this solution is to help you get started building all kinds of Visualizers (textual, tabular and graphical) as well as Scorecards, and it does that job.

2. Likewise, the PosSizer demo solution will not be updated. The extension has always been closed source. The Wiki demo package includes three PosSizers illustrating all approaches to building a PosSizer in Wealth-Lab: by inheriting from BasicPosSizer+PosSizerSettingsBase and from PosSizer+ ICustomSettings.

3. But open source extensions like Community Indicators should have their code actual in the Wiki. This was an oversight. Community Indicators and TASCIndicators in the Wiki have just been updated to their actual versions: 2013.09 and 2013.10, respectively. Thank you for the heads-up.
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