What is "Verified User" in the Wiki
Author: sourkraut
Creation Date: 2/24/2016 4:31 PM
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I've run into repeat errors, attempting to access certain topics in the Wiki.
The error implies that some validation, in addition to logins is required.
It also refers to "trial edition".

I've used WL for a number of years, have had some sort of special validation in the past,
and was not aware, that I'm using a "trial" version of WL.

I suggest that you place a permanent post explaining what is required to obtain the exalted status of
"validated WL user".

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Please create a support ticket (as suggested on each page requiring login), there we'll verify your WLP entitlement and grant access to WL Extensions and Wiki attachments & certain topics.
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(as suggested on each page requiring login)

I did not see any "support ticket" suggestions.

All I saw were the link to the desired page, i.e.:
Other APIs
SystemResults and SystemPerformance classes (Available to verified Wealth-Lab Developer/Pro customers only)

After clicking on "SystemResult" the error message on the page that popped up:
You must be a verified Wealth-Lab Developer/Pro 6 customer to view this page. Free trial users can not access this content. as its only content.

So I suggested a notice be placed in the forum for suggesting stuff for the website.

No worry, going to the support ticket.
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You would see the prompt (to create a ticket) if you were registered in the Wiki. Guests see this text in red. Wiki requires separate login but that you can read on its front page in bold red.
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OK, I see that, now that I have detoured to that page. It had not originally been my intention to create a ticket, but to just inquire, what was needed to obtain that special permission.

As to the bold red notice, it does not appear, when one follows one of the many links from the forum to the wiki,
such as your post of 2/7/2016 3:13 PM, pointing to "http://www2.wealth-lab.com/WL5WIKI/DataTool.ashx",
which goes straight to that page, without going past go, or collecting bold red notices.

Thus my confusion.

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The Data Tool link is visible to anyone as 95% of the Wiki content. Only certain pages from the API category, a couple of paragraphs in the FAQ, Community.Rules and all demo source code are protected.
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