Buys at market when the EMA crosses up?
Author: bobbymac20000
Creation Date: 10/15/2008 1:29 AM
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I wish to create a strategy that buys long at market when the EMA crosses in a upward direction and sell short when the EMA crosses in a downward direction. The target profit is the next bars close or a set dollar amount.

How can I set a price stop loss also?

It is based a 3 minute chart but I was wondering (I tried to create in the wizard) but can't quite narrow it down.

I wish to then see the signals being generated on the chart.

In my position sizing I would be using contract size of $60 (each contract is worth $30) so two contracts per trade/per side and an account of 10K. It is the futures market so how do I get it to calulate only the the contracts in play, not using the margin as this is not really relevent.

Can someone help me with this?
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How about giving it a try with the Strategy Wizard to get started? Use the New menu, or strike Ctrl+Shift+R (R for Rule-based). Then hit F1 for help.
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