Wealth-Lab 5.1 for 32bit OS only?
Author: devans
Creation Date: 8/28/2008 2:49 PM
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I attempted to install WL5.1 on my WinXP Pro X64 machine and was greeted with the message that it only works on 32bit OS's.

Is there any specific reason why it can't run on X64 MSFT OS in 32 bit mode?

If I have to I'll run it in VMWare but I'd rather not.

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That "probably" would work, but we're not supporting 64-bit installations right now. That will change by the end of the year.
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And you as well could be facing an activation problem on a 64-bit O/S.
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I can't activate WLD5.1 on my Vista64 , is there any way to solve it?
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No. We'll support 64-bit with a release later this year.
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