WLPro runs fine in Linux under VirtualBox VM
Author: algtrader
Creation Date: 6/30/2009 6:21 AM
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Still tooling with the installation, but so far, it behaves just like the install on my real MS-Vista system.

- Ubuntu 8.04.2 Hardy Heron (2.6.24-24-generic)
- Installed VirtualBox v2.2.4 r47978 for HH8.04 .
- VM Guest: Windows XP-SP3 (*NOT* Vista, which is a dog). Install the .NET2 updates.
- 4 Gb Ram with dual-core Intel E2200 [low end of the 2-cores :( ]
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Just dropped in to add that according to this report, WLP 5.3 ran fine under VMWare 6.1 and Linux Fedora 9.
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