Using Wealth-Data
Author: bliss
Creation Date: 11/30/2017 8:06 PM
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As directed by Eugene, starting new topic on Wealth Data since search came up empty.
Don't know how to get this implemented into my WL application.
Don't know how to capture free source data from WLD web site for existing WL user.
Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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You'll be up and running in minutes:

1. Please sign up at (required)

2. Install the provider

3. Restart WLP

4. Enter your new account's credentials on the Wealth-Data tab in the Data Manager, and you're ready to go.
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What am I doing wrong ?

X: Access denied: This symbol is not part of your subscription
GOOG: Access denied: This symbol is not part of your subscription.
NAV: Access denied: This symbol is not part of your subscription.

Most symbols are working, surprisingly, ticker TWTR is not found.
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Please see my post #27 in this thread where I already answered your question last year:

Wealth-Data Static and Fundamental
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Hi. I am a new Wealth Lab Pro user. I am also a Fidelity customer so I downloaded Wealth Lab Pro V6.9 from the Fidelity link. I am interested in testing a strategy on Futures data and would like to use the Wealth Data. I have signed up as a user at Wealth Data.

Is the free Wealth Data feed not available to users who download Wealth Lab via Fidelity?
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Hi, the Wealth-Data feed is available to Fidelity customers. Please note that before they're allowed to install the extension we have to verify their entitlement at Fidelity (see my reply to your open ticket).
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