Trades+ copies prices with only 2 decimals
Author: JDardon
Creation Date: 10/13/2014 4:39 PM
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I found a little problem with Trades+ performance visualizer.

To reproduce:
1) Select in Preferences>Advanced Options > Pricing Decimal places to 3
2) Run a strategy and go to Trades+ visualizer. The entry and exit prices are displayed correctly with 3 decimals, and the profit per trade and overall profit are consistent with the overall results.
3) Copy to clipboard the resulting trades from the All Trades tab
4) Paste in Excel.... the prices come only with 2 decimals... causing inconsistencies in pricing, performance evaluation.

The original Trades visualizer doesn't exhibit this problem, it brings down the prices with the same number of decimals as it displays within Wealth lab.

Can anybody reproduce this to confirm it is a bug?
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Thanks for the feedback. Yes, this is how it currently works. It doesn't honor the "Pricing Decimal Places" setting because the clipboard output is set to follow your regional currency settings in Windows. Since playing with Windows Control Panel would be an inconvenient workaround, I've changed that behavior of "Trades+" to be consistent with "Trades" (in a future release).
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Fixed in latest version 2014.11. Please update the extension using the Extension Manager.
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