SPY Trading
Author: pepefe
Creation Date: 5/17/2010 5:20 PM
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I downloaded the WL Free Trial. The soft seems easy to use and understandable but I have doubts in creating the rules for a simple strategy. If I can create this strategy I will certainly consider buying it.

I would like to implement the following strategy.

If SPY closes above 100 Simple MA BUY. When SPY closes below 100 SMA sell and go short. If SPY closes above 100SMA cover that short and go long.

I drag and select the following items but I can not create those rules.

Any help ?
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You can create those rules but there's 1 bar delay shorting after selling, right? Please see this Wiki FAQ item:

How to create a stop-and-reverse system in a Rule-based Strategy?

This workaround is for rule-based strategies, also there you should find how to implement the SAR rules in a code-based strategy.
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