Responding to Errors from Fidelity (Orders tool) in Strategy
Author: Frank1972
Creation Date: 12/29/2016 5:53 PM
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When my script sends an order for some symbols (ENV) I get the following error from Fidelity:

0: Error(s): (009910) The Limit Price entered is invalid for the selected security. The security is part of the SEC's Tick Size Pilot Program and quotes in nickel increments. Your Limit Price must be entered in increments of $0.05. For more information, see

Is there a way for me to capture this in my script and adjust my order from within my script?

Please the attachment for a screen shot.


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You don't have to respond to it, and you simply can't do it in a strategy since it takes place in the Order Manager. Why not adjust the tick size for all symbols participating in the SEC piot program?

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