RSI rotation
Author: reeder1558
Creation Date: 7/5/2011 3:15 PM
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RSI Rotation is a non-Intraday strategy that continuously holds n stocks of a DataSet that have the lowest RSI value. Although the number n is determined by the n Symbols Strategy Parameter[i][/i], you must adjust Portfolio Simulation Mode sizing appropriately for the number that you select. For example, with 3 symbols you might set 33.3% of Equity sizing.

How do I change the "n" parameter
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It's the slider parameter, below the Data Panel (lower left corner).

Run this Strategy by clicking only one symbol in the DataSet.
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Welcome to the forums.

Words can have very different meanings:

1. Change by dragging the Parameter Slider (in the lower left part of the screen).
2. Change by modifying the code (WL Programming Guide > Programming Trading Strategies > Strategy Parameters).

But I guess it's #1.
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Thanks for the quick response. What an eye opener. Next time I'll try to look more closely at the screen
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