QuoteMedia and symbols with double quotes (options)
Author: bgood
Creation Date: 6/23/2012 6:11 PM
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Help! I have entered many options using the QuoteMedia data. Options have spaces in them which causes multiple problems. I was going to add some new options (using the double quotes) to the DataManager->DataSets Tab and it trashed all of the old symbols that were already in the list. My new symbols were added correctly because I had them quoted, but DataManager did not have the old symbols quoted. The result was it took symbols like "@SPY 120818P00125000" and made two new entries line "@SPY" and "120818P00125000". This is clearly a defect and has made a big mess of my options. However is there any way to "UNDO" the added new symbols and get my old symbol list back?

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The easiest way to undo this change is to restore your DataSet file from backup while WLP is closed. But if you don't backup every day like I do, Windows might still be keeping a copy of your DataSet's XML file:

Previous versions of files: frequently asked questions

Look for the hidden folder location in the Wealth-Lab User Guide (Data > Where the data are stored?), and be sure to enable hidden file/folder visibility (Control Panel > Folder Options).

Before claiming that something is a defect, please carefully read the online documentation: QuoteMedia daily data provider

This feature is highlighted pretty unequivocally, see 2nd paragraph for yourself:

To enter valid symbols containing spaces e.g. @SPY 101120C00120000, wrap them in double quotes i.e. "@SPY 101120C00120000". Applies both to creation of new DataSets and to modification of existing DataSets (via the "Symbols" list and/or via "Add symbols to the DataSet")

Note: When manually adding a new symbol with spaces in the Data Manager's "Symbols" list to a DataSet already containing symbol(s) with space(s), you should wrap each symbol containing space(s) in double quotes, again.

Data providers are not in control of it, this is Wealth-Lab's behavior, so any data provider is affected (Finam is another good example). You might want to enter a new support ticket but frankly speaking, there's a good chance of Fidelity marking this issue as deferred and leaving it hanging for pretty obvious business reasons.
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