PosSizer and PosSizer demo
Author: MrIzzy
Creation Date: 11/18/2011 9:00 AM
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Hi There,

I was able to download the PosSizer demo.
1) Can you please provide instructions on how to use them.
2) How does one get access to the other PosSizers?

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Let's agree on definitions first.

1) What does "use" mean? As I stressed in a support ticket, you're downloading a Visual Studio solution (for developers). If by saying "use" you meant "how do I program my own", then the demo solution is the shortest path (learn by example).

More information for developers available in the Wiki: Wealth-Lab Version 6 (.NET) Development Guide > Create a PosSizer

2) What does "get access" mean? If you're a programmer, how do you get access to any other class? PosSizers aren't different, but honestly, I see no apparent reason to do it. If you're not, then I have a feeling that you overlooked my suggestion to look in the Extensions section - it's there where one gets access to all the other PosSizers.
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