Pivot System EOD
Author: jelamiju1
Creation Date: 9/24/2009 2:57 PM
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This Pivot Srategy is a Buy and hold, what about using this as an EOD system?

How would the "code" look if EOD was inserted? I guess I could just tun off manualy at the end of the day, if I had to.


Jeff from Maine
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1. I know the code, we've published it - no obvious reason to paste it here. Therefore I'm removing the (non-formatted, duplicating) code from your post.
2. Furthermore, each published Strategy has its own "forum" where you can post your comments and questions. See "Published Strategies", click on "0 Topics" on the right of the strategy.
3. Whenever you decide to post code, please use the CODE tags.
4. Finally, your question can be answered by this Wiki article:
Intraday / Multi-Time Frame | Keep from holding positions overnight
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Thank you!

Jef from Maine
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