Pattern recognition: W Bottoms, M Tops
Author: traderc
Creation Date: 12/5/2009 7:09 PM
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Hi, I'd like to create a pattern recognition system in Wealth-Lab but am far from a capable coder.

If anyone has ever seen a program called Ramp written by a man named Andy from Nebadawn I'd like to create a system that does something similar to his stand-alone system so it can be automated to place trades automatically instead of just providing a report/list of charts as Ramp does.

The main patterns I'm wanting Wealth-Lab to automatically create and scan for are:

W Bottoms and M Tops
Head and Shoulders
Cup and Handle
High Pullbacks

Additionally the other thing I'd like to do is learn how to plot support and resistance lines that display line touches (or near line touches) to find potential breakouts.

I'm not much of a coder and after searching the net for many years there doesn't seem to be much code for any program that I could find to assist me with writing this stuff.

Hopefully someone can help me.

I look forward to hearing from you.


P.S.: I'll do you a deal if you can help me program this and you can come and stay at my resort in Fiji for a 5 nights for free as a reward! (
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Here's a shot a the first (easily-definable) one. Head & Shoulders and Cup & Handle are more subjective, but if you can define their parameters, it wouldn't be hard to program it.

1. Trades are created on the bar of detection only so that you can double click on them in the Trades list to quickly find the detections in the chart.

2. The enumerations have 3 values: None (no detection), Detected (occurs only on the bar of detection for a trigger conditoin), and PreviousDetection. The latter state let's you use the detection as a "set up" for other entry/exit conditions.

Please log in to see this code.

I guess that's good for 1 night in Fiji! :)
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hi, i noticed think or swim has pattern recognition capability, i was wondering if we can do this in wealth lab pro, i am also far from capable coder, however if anyone can code for the following it would be a great asset for us at wealth lab pro, the chart patterns are as follows:

ascending triangle, descending triangle, channel down, channel up, double bottom, double top, falling wedge, flag, head and shoulders, inverse head and shoulders, pennant, rectangle, rising wedge, triangle, triple top, triple bottom

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How capable are you in searching the forum? ;)

Classic Trading Patterns - triangle, H&S, Cups, rectangles, double top/bottom

There may be more if you search across downloadable strategies and the Wiki.
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