Why SetScaleDaily returns 2 days of data?
Author: jkwong
Creation Date: 7/7/2008 2:31 PM
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Having problem with SetScaleDaily();
Here are my setting:
1. Update data on demand in ON
2. Scale: 1 minute
3. Data Range: 500 Bars or All Data

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No matter what my setting is, it ONLY returns the 2 last days of daily bars.
Please help.

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If you load 500 bars of 1-minute data, that represents less than 2 days of data. Why would you expect more?

If "All Data" has more than 2 days of 1-minute bars, then you'll definitely get a result more than 2. Have you created 1-minute static DataSets?
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Cone, I got it. Thanks for the hint.
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jkwong, be careful with using setscaledaily. WL5.0 have error. some times when you change symbol by SetContent after setscaleDaily or RestoreScale return to original symbol
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