Nasdaq static, streaming and fundamental provider (includes Nordic stocks)
Author: Eugene
Creation Date: 11/30/2014 7:52 AM
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Just released: a suite comprised of static, streaming and fundamental [dividends and short interest] data provider.

The provider is available for installation from our web site (Extensions section):

Nasdaq provider - installation link
Nasdaq provider online notes in the Wealth-Lab Wiki
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First update in years. By popular demand, v2017.04 introduces support for Nordic symbols delivered by Nasdaq OMX:

* New: support for Nordic OMX symbols (requested by Olekso-Monsterlo).
* Includes static and streaming provider. Supports GetSessionOpen and partial bar. Does not support Paper Trading and fundamental data.
* Fix: "Update all data" doesn't update any data during first-time update
* Fix: removed artificial limit (by default) in New DataSet Wizard preventing from creating DataSets which contain more than ~6500 symbols (32767 chars)
* Change: .NET 4.5 and Wealth-Lab 6.9+ required to install/update
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What's new in version 2017.10:

* New: support for automatic bar data corrections
* Fix: company name included inappropriate characters