Data on $BPNYA ?
Author: FCfree
Creation Date: 1/14/2009 2:17 PM
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Does anyone know of a web site where I can get back data on $BPNYA, the NYSE Bullish Percentage?

By using a 30-70 (Buy/Sell) indicator with this value, and using a 150-day moving average as well for buy and sell points, I was able to determine the following buy and sell points (starting with a buy and alternating):

Oct 1 06
Dec 15 06
March 1 07
June 10 07
June 20 07
July 15 07
Aug 25 07
Oct 15 07
Jan 25 08
June 25 08
Aug 1 08
Sept 1 08
Sept 20 08
Oct 1 08
Oct 10 08
Nov 2 08
Nov 25 08
Jan 12 09

Using those buy and sell points, using SPY and starting with $10,000, the system grows the money to over $13,000, while buy and hold over the same time period dropped to $6,800.

I'd sure like to get some more back data for this symbol $BPNYA. Please reply if you know where to get such back data.
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Is $BPNYA the same thing as the Bullish Percent Index based on Point and Figure charting?
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