How to set WealthLab.SystemResults.Positions?
Author: kribel
Creation Date: 9/5/2017 9:13 PM
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Hi there!

I am working on my own WL vizualizer and a score card. I am a big fan of automated acceptance tests. Therefore I am writing a test for my score card. However I need an instance of SystemPerformance which further down has the SystemResults and then Positions.

So far I managed to set all the values I needed using reflection. However I cannot set Positions. As far as I understand Positions has only a getter and takes the real value from somewhere else.

Has anybody an idea how I could achieve the behaviour in my test in which accessing SystemResults.Positions would return values which I generated before?

Here is my peace of code
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Hi Konstantin,

The Positions are set through trading. Have you tried a technique like this: Import real (historical) trades ?
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