How to Clean (delete data) and Re-update?
Author: kfmfe04
Creation Date: 2/17/2009 8:44 PM
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One of my stocks in Nasdaq100 is corrupt (AAPL) - only 2 weeks of data are available.

How do I "clean/delete" the data and have it rebuild?

I tried deleting AAPL from Nasdaq100 and then adding it back, but that didn't work.
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nm - I found it (though it's not obvious)

1. Go to Data Manager and select a DataSet with the bad stock inside
2. Click on "Symbol Details" in the menubar
3. Pick your bad stock, right-click, and select "Reload Symbol Data File"
4. Then run "Update DataSet" as usual - the data will be refreshed

hmm... ...maybe this should go in the Wiki somewhere...
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There is an easier way: right-click on the symbol chart and select "Reload Chart History".
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