How do I not buy a stock, if I've sold it, in the last 30 days?
Author: akar
Creation Date: 11/14/2018 5:14 PM
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Looked for a solution in the forum but couldn't find it.

I want to buy a stock that has dropped 10% over last 10 days and sell it next close. I've got the code to do that. However, I want to restrict it to the first time this happens and not again for next 30 days. How do I do that ?

Simply put, how do I not buy a stock if I've sold it in the last 30 days.

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I looked too and could find it! :) Out of curiosity, here's a selection of topics that all point to the same solution in Community Components. Check out the difference in the wording of the same query:

Skip a trade for 15 days after the exit of the last trade
Prevent new entry if position was closed yesterday
No trade for 3 days after last one closed
Wait 3 days for reentry after a StopLoss exit
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Thanks Eugene. My bad, I was not using the correct terms for the query.

-- Andy
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Glad to help. No problem, just wanted to highlight that finding the correct terms is not trivial in this case exactly.
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