Hilo Activator?
Author: vingadordomal
Creation Date: 12/22/2010 9:11 AM
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Hello friends.
I searched but could not find the answer, then I'll ask for y'all:
Where is the Hilo Activator in Wealth-Lab 6?
If he does not have that version could pass me the code?

The code for Metastock is:
Input("Periodo,3 or 6",1,100,6);

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Even if we find the code, what would you do with it? You've registered just minutes ago under the made-up name "Evil Avenger" (the English for Vingador do Mal) and haven't taken a free trial of Wealth-Lab Developer 6 yet (the international version supported in your part of the world). I'm all puzzled.
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I am testing the software in a few hours of a friend.
I use metastock, but I'm thinking about buying the Wealth-Lab 6 if I can mount my system in it.
Excuse me if this forum is only for registered, if you want to delete my topic please feel free to do.
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And vingadordomal is my nickname I use in various forums in Portuguese.
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The formula doesn't make sense to me. It assigns a value of 1 or -1 to HLd, but then assigns the same value to HLv (in the ValueWhen statement) and doesn't do anything else with HLd. Then it makes assignments that it could have done in the "HLd :=" statement.

Maybe it's that I don't understand MSFL, but here's what it translates to, as I see it:
Please log in to see this code.
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Cone I tested and was equal to my metastock.
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