Hi Guys, Missed You.
Author: joannakim
Creation Date: 2/28/2012 1:02 PM
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Hi guys, I have been busy with "life" things that I haven't been very communicative with you guys for a while. I, nevertheless, thought about you often, and missed you.

In any case, once again, you are probably thinking why is she asking these "101" questions, but at the risk of making a fool of my self which I do often, is " bar+1" on a daily the next day's bar or today' bar? And is " bar-1" yesterday's bar then? thanks a million.

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Introductory | Bars, Loops, and Bar + 1

bar = the complete daily bar that just closed.
bar + 1 = tomorrow
bar - 1 = yesterday
bar - 10 = 10 days ago

By the way, you're timing is good. We just upgraded Monte Carlo-Lab for 6.3 with the method you requested. Have fun!
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Wow, cone. That is tremendous about MC. I will get right to it. Because without that feature, I found MC useless for me. Halleluiah.

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