Capabilities: work on real-time data etc
Author: kotegh
Creation Date: 11/12/2008 7:01 AM
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Hello my friends,

First I want to thank all of you for the collaborating and for all your activity here, I am new to this website.

My problem is :

Today I am developing algo using Tradestation & MT4 (MQL)

Since I am looking to upgrade my development environment I am looking for a good platform for this issue.

Things that I must have in the platform :

1.The ability to work with Real time Data.
2.The ability to use my Owen Data feed (since I am not working on a lot of different markets).
3.high performance regarding Back testing and using Tick Data.
4.The ability to program algo that is trading from the OrderBook.( Not a Must...)
5.A platform that can store a lot of Tick Data in flexible way (not so important as the others).
6.a good interface that can allow me as a developer to get info from the chats in visual mode.
7.The ability to use live streaming Data...and to genrate real time orders from the platform.

I am checking the platforms multicharts and openquant.... so any info that you can give me will be mutch helpfull.

Can Wealth-Lab can be good for my needs ?

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1 - Yes.
2 - Yes, API supports own data feeds.
3 - Performance is high, tick data supported, but for heavy processing of ticks using loads of RAM it's better wait for 64-bit compatible release 5.3 (coming soon).
4 - Level II not supported.
5 - Custom built data providers can save data in any interval: tick to yearly. With an external server (e.g. GlobalServer, MS SQL 200x), you can store data there and create a WL5 interface to it.
6 - Yes. The interface is friendly and concise, the charting is neat and extendable.
7 - Yes (data) / Yes (applies to Wealth-Lab Pro only).
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