Fidelity Server – Futures Contracts???
Author: nasarog
Creation Date: 9/24/2008 11:42 AM
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I’m playing with “Fidelity-Server Data Provider” and can not find any sign of Futures-Contracts.
Fidelity Website doesn’t represent any information regarding trading Futures-Contracts also.

Thus there are 2 points I’m not confident with:
1. Does Fidelity provide Futures-Contracts (for exmp: GLOBEX(CME)) on its DataServer?
2. If so, where to get correct symbol construction with FidelityDataServer?

I appreciate comments very much.
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Please call Fidelity Active Trader support for answers to these questions. As far as I know, Fidelity is not offering futures products at this time.

Fidelity purchased Wealth-Lab assets in 2004. Wealth-Lab has always supported backtesting for stocks and futures, so naturally the ability to backtest futures remains with the product.
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