Extension Manager shows "Please Wait... Searching for local Extensions"
Author: Eugene
Creation Date: 11/4/2013 4:57 AM
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stanleywang wrote:

Hi Eugene,

I managed to download the latest Community Indicator wle file (first time downloading it), however, not able to update it into my Extension Manager. when I open my Extension Manager, it shows "Please Wait... Searching for local Extensions" message.
Then I tried to click the "Open Extension's *.wle file", and clicked this Community Indicator file, it shows "Error (not searched)".
I am using version 64 bit Edition, is there anything I should do to be able to use this indicator?

Stanley Wang
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Actually, installing any extension from WLE file isn't different i.e. your question isn't specific to Community Indicators. Let it search until it's done. Extensions can not be installed unless search is over and the list of extension is displayed.

If search fails later during server phase ("Unable to request Extension data from the server"), then it's a network problem. If accessing the internet over a corporate proxy (which I suspect is the case with you), double check that WealthLabDev.exe and WealthLab.Extensions.Agent.exe are allowed to access the internet:

Which ports need to be opened to activate Wealth-Lab Developer 6?
Errors | Extensions > Errors installing/updating Extensions

If search fails on local phase, you could have placed a bad custom DLL into the main folder under Program Files. This is a wild guess but nobody else has had this error ever. So if you have developed any extensions, clean up the main folder from your works (custom DLLs) and related files. A permission problem is possible but less likely: make sure that there are full Read/Write permissions and no artificial limits imposed on application and/or account.

To reiterate, the error you're experiencing is absolutely not typical and therefore exclusive to your PC configuration - whatever it may be (file access permissions, badly developed extension etc.)
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Hi eugene,

Guess the search failed at local phase, left it to search for an hour, and still showing searching. Unless it is expected to last that long.
In this case, whats the way to correct this "bad custom dll"? Appreciate answers in layman term as i am clueless on all the IT settings.
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Your version of Wealth-Lab (6.4.52) is not supported. Moreover, it had become completely unable to update extensions due to website changes. Please update Wealth-Lab Developer to its latest version (6.6 at the moment). On the other hand, v6.5 that you run on second PC is free from this problem. If updating to 6.6 doesn't alleviate the problem instantly, please follow suggestions in my reply dated 11/4/2013 4:58 AM. This problem is exclusive to your PC and I have nothing else to add to my troubleshooting suggestions.

"bad custom dll"

Previously you expressed intention to build a custom performance visualizer. This is where that notion came from. If you haven't built DIY extensions and haven't installed any stuff from 3rd party programmers, there's nothing to worry about.
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