Drawdowns and Rebounds
Author: DartboardTrader
Creation Date: 2/9/2014 5:37 PM
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If a stock is dragged down with the rest of the market, do you buy low? If a system is in drawdown, would you also buy low?

The recent drawdown for Blue Moon may be compared to the backtest behavior. We are reaching levels where the system has recovered quite well in the backtest. While the past may not predict the future, the backtest shows significant rebound potential during drawdowns.

Hold tight... no one likes drawdowns. Keep watching,.. the short and long term recoveries are a good indicator of a system's ability to withstand market volatility. Let's see what happens.
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About one year later, and the Blue Moon System has grown over 20%, and continues to show very good performance. Looking forward to another successful year in 2015!
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