Can I use IBData2 data feed in Demo WL Developer 4
Author: bigmoney08
Creation Date: 10/22/2008 1:29 AM
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I am using a Demo vesion of WLD and applied test lisence for IBData2, when i tried to set up. I can't find in the Window
1. DataSources -> Enable Live Feed IB

Therefore, I can't also find
2. "IB-finantic's IBData2, in the Data Sources Tree in ChartScript.

Is it only available in Full Version? Thank you

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Yes you can, but installation was incorrect since Wealth-Lab is unable to find the files.
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Thank you for your prompt reply.
So, How can I do now? I am using WLD4.0 for trial

1. Should I uninstall WLD4.0 and install another version?
2. or, Should I update teh version? How?

Wait for your kindly reply!!
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You should install IBData2 properly. For more details, please ask the developer at
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Thank you, misunderstand your previous reply.

I am trying in this way!!
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