Can't find the Strategy Monitor configuration file
Author: Profe47
Creation Date: 10/12/2017 4:58 AM
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Just bought a new iMac and installed parallels and Wealth Lab Pro but am unable ( even with the help of Fidelity Electronic Channel Support) to find the strategy monitor configuration file in order to get my old strategies that I had previously set up in WLP on my last computer.

Can you be of assistance? Thanks.
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The location is documented in the Wealth-Lab User Guide and in this Wiki FAQ (which contains a reference):

How to transfer Strategies and other data between computers?

That folder not only contains the SM config but everything else to mirror your WLP environment like the downloaded data and custom Strategies (unless you put them on a network share).

To get to the data folder, make sure that hidden file/folder visibility is enabled in Windows (if not yet).
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