Bollinger Band Series in WL6 vs. WL4.5
Author: Shourui
Creation Date: 10/18/2010 2:38 PM
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I am translating my strategy from WL4.5 version to WL6.0 version, but found the BBandUpper.Series values in 6.0 are different than BBandUpperSeries Values in 6.0. That changed quite some historical signals. How are the bollinger band indicators calculated in the new and old WL? Is there any way to make them the same? or, is there any system settings I may forget to change? Thanks.
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The standard Bollinger Bands uses StdDevCalculation.Sample method, matching the Version 4's default value. An alternative that allows to switch between Sample and Population is in Community Indicators: BBandUpper2/BBandLower2.
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BBandUpper2(StdDevCalculation.Population) in WL6 matches the results from BBandUpper(population setup in tools->options) in 4.5.
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