Adding Column to Trade Tab
Author: benito747
Creation Date: 3/2/2009 9:08 AM
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Is there a way of adding a column to the Trades Tab in the analysis window for further analysis?
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Although it's impossible to add a column to the built-in Trades tab, you probably can add anything of your liking to the open source Trades V2 tab. (Some programming required.)

For example you can download Community.Visualizers demo source code and modify the PVTrades2 class that represents the Trades+ visualizer. In short, adding a column would take the following:

1. Add a column to the ListView (by defining a ColumnHeader) of the control.
2. Specify the type of data (i.e. double) for the purposes of sorting (notice ListViewSortManager in the PVTrades2 constructor).
3. GenerateOutput is used for copying to clipboard, so you should skip this method for now.
4. Now, in CreateVisualization method body you will need to calculate your performance metric and use AddSubItem to push it to the ListView.
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