Active Trader Pro Integration
Author: mgrech004
Creation Date: 6/7/2011 5:11 PM
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Hi there,

Can I use Wealth-Lab Pro to pick several symbols from an Auto Trader Pro filter and place buy orders?

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If you can create a Watchlist at with your filters, then you can import it as a DataSet in WLP.

But, if you're using an ATP filter and already know that you want to place buy orders for the results, then you should just use ATP for that type of discretionary trading.
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I take it the importing has to be done manually? One of the reasons I'd like to automate this is that ATP does not let you place $ amount orders. You have to calculate the number of shares you want each time.
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Ah, thanks for that insight. The import of a DataSet that you have out on is a manual action. You just have to create a new Fidelity DataSet, select the option to Import from, and name the DataSet. It only takes about 10 seconds.
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Hi Cone

Bob here, how are things? I have updated my systems and the handcuffs are off, been using WLP but only from a visual perspective, don't think I will ever be an automated trader. I have a new appreciation for WLP that I did not have with the handcuffs on.

Please say hello to all.

Best regards,

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Hi Bob. I'm trying to put a face with the name, but it's not coming to me. Did we meet at a Traders Expo?

Oh it's that Bob. Now I'm with you and understand the handcuffs. Will say hello. Good luck out there!
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