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On the day that there was a 14% up swing, I lost 14%. How? My account was fully invested. My quotes window triggered all the buy orders at the same time as the sell orders were going through so they were all staged. Within a minute all my positions closed but none of my staged orders executed. Unfortunately I was away from the computer and didn't realize it missed all the buys until around 11:30 AM at which point it was too late.

The same thing happened this AM. 3 buys didn't go through because the sells were executing at the same time. It's too late for them at the moment and it would've been a 2% extra gain for the account.

I would love for this to be a setup, start and walk away platform.

The feature I am requesting is that as accounts are updated with sells, allow for staged buys to be placed automatically.

This particular issue is guaranteed to reduce returns for swing traders as that extra few seconds to close a position prevents a new position from being taken.

I can see the issue with way too many staged orders and then how do you choose which to place? But if you randomly select ones to place then that's the same as randomly selecting positions during the backtest. You could go further and give people the option for placing those that would execute.

I know we can turn off trading limits or make sure we're glued to the screen at 9:30, but it's not the same as being able to walk away and be confident that the few huge up days are almost sure not to happen when most of them happen with a big down to start.

I also know the other option is to do a strategy monitor thing but programming a minute by minute strategy based on a daily strategy gets really tricky and it would need real time access to live position count and be fast enough to run the strategy on 200+ symbols every tick.

Thanks for a great platform.

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