5.3 Streaming Charts Flashes and Hangs
Author: redliontrader
Creation Date: 1/23/2009 2:08 PM
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I have just installed 5.3. The streaming charts is having difficulties on my machine. If I stream 1 minute bars using any symbol like "GE" using Fidelity datasource, every minute when a new bar closes, the chart flashes to black, hangs for about 5 seconds and repaints with the new data. During this time all the other charts are frozen to. At one point I got a un-handled exception on something like LockedBars function.

I have tried re-booting, but this has not fixed the problem. A streaming chart without a strategy works fine. A streaming chart with an indicator works fine. But if I install any of the standard strategies it hangs every minute.

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Let's get a Support Ticket for this. Clearly there's something up on your machine that we're not seeing.