Integrates with crypto platform KuCoin, and provides historical and streaming data, and trading including crypto shorting.
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KuCoin Extension

The KuCoin Extension for Wealth-Lab 8 offers the following integration points with KuCoin:

  • Historical Data - daily, weekly, monthly, hourly, and minute bar intervals supported.
  • Streaming Data - both streaming market data and push notifications on order status and balance updates.
  • KuCoin Symbols DataSet - contains all of the supported symbols as delivered by KuCoin.
  • Trading - Spot and Margin trading is supported, including shorting (in Margin account only). Futures will be considered for a future release based on customer demand.


  1. Generate an API Key, Secret Key, and Pass Phrase using the instructions from the KuCoin web site.
  2. Select the KuCoin Broker in the WL8 Order Manager and click Configure.
  3. Enter the API Key, Secret Key, and Pass Phrase, press OK.
  4. Click Connect.


KuCoin allows borrowing and Shorting of cryptos via their API. You can place Short and Cover trades in KuCoin in WL8 and maintain Short positions. Some notes on Shorting using this extension:

  • The Cross Margin account is supported only, not Isolated Margin accounts.
  • You can only Short symbols with a quote currency of USDT (for example, BTC-USDT.)
  • When you place a Short order, WL8 will check to see if there is a liability (borrowed crypto) already outstanding to cover the short. If not, it will automatically "borrow" the crypto and then issue a Sell to KuCoin.
  • When you Cover a Short position, WL8 will attempt to automatically repay the liability. If this fails, a message will appear in the Order Manager and WL8 log viewer. You should always track your outstanding liabilities on the KuCoin web site to ensure you know how much you've borrowed.
  • If you cancel a Short order before it fills, the borrowed crypto is not repaid. If you don't intend to issue a Short order again, you should repay the liability using the KuCoin web site Repay functionality. Canceled Shorts are not automatically repaid because in auto-trading WL8 might cancel and replace orders throughout the trading day until a fill limit is reached.

Known Issues

  • The KuCoin API is sometimes not returning all active orders, so you might not see them in the Order Manager when first connecting. Always check your KuCoin web site trading UI for a current list of active orders.


This Extension doesn't have any screenshots yet!

Change Log

Wealth-Lab 8 Build 15 - 5/23/2024
  • CryptoExchange.Net.7.1.0 -> CryptoExchange.Net.7.5.2.
  • KuCoin.Net.5.3.0 -> KrakenExchange.Net.5.5.5.
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 14 - 3/18/2024
  • Update to KuCoin.NET 5.3.0, CryptoExchange.NET 7.1.0.
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 13 - 2/16/2024
  • Standardize on CryptoExchange.NET 6.2.3.
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 12 - 2/15/2024
  • Update to CryptoExchange.NET 6.2.4.
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 11 - 2/9/2024
  • Target .NET8.
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 10 - 12/13/2023
  • Weekly+ Strategy orders will be submitted as GTC.
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 9 - 12/8/2023
  • CryptoExchange.Net.6.2.0 -> CryptoExchange.Net.6.2.3.
  • Kucoin.Net.5.0.5 -> Kucoin.Net.5.0.8.
  • Fixed exception when entering API Key, Secret Key.
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 8 - 10/26/2023

-Update to CryptoExchange.Net.6.2.0, Kucoin.Net.5.0.3 -> Kucoin.Net.5.0.5.

Wealth-Lab 8 Build 7 - 10/5/2023
  • Support new base class methods for returning SymbolInfo including decimals for a symbol.
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 6 - 9/14/2023
  • Process disconnect and reconnect from KuCoin streaming.
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 5 - 8/28/2023
  • Adapt to KuCoin.Net (5.0.2).
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 4 - 6/14/2023
  • Positions will synchronize using the minimum quantity precision required to trade. Position quantity residuals less than the minimum quantity will be ignored by WealthLab.
  • Fix: Initial Daily+ historical data requests were failing in some scenarios
  • Fix: 60-Minute Polling was broken
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 3 - 4/27/2023
  • Fix: Streaming charts will initialize with the partial bar.
  • Fix: BarHistories will return the correct number of Quantity and Display Decimals for each crypto.
  • CryptoExchange.Net.5.4.1 -> CryptoExchange.Net.5.4.3.
  • Kucoin.Net.4.3.2 -> Kucoin.Net.4.3.3.
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 2 - 3/27/2023
  • Use latest CryptoExchange.NET version.
Wealth-Lab 8 Build 1 - 12/13/2022
  • Initial release.