Candlestick Genetic Evolver
Build 1
A library of candlestick chart patterns, and a tool to evolve brand new patterns
$49.95 / Lifetime OR included in Premium subscription
* all Extensions require a Wealth-Lab 7 Subscription

CandleStick Genetic Evolver

The CandleStick Genetic Evolver package includes a new Building Block Condition that lets you add Japanese candlestick pattern detection into your Strategy logic. All of the classical bullish, bearish, and neutral candlestick patterns are included. For users of Wealth-Lab, this package includes a powerful extension called the Candlestick Genetic Evolver. This extension uses a genetic algorithm to generate brand new, profitable candlestick patterns from your historical data. You can take the patterns that the Evolver generates and add them to your candlestick pattern library, for use in the supplied Building Block Condition.


The Evaluator
Quickly find the average return for all observations of Candlestick patterns in your data.
Genetic Evolution
Starting with a set of random patterns, let the Genetic Evolver discover the fittest genes that drive the best result.
Custom Patterns
Save your favorite patterns in your private Pattern Library.
Patterns in Strategies
Use any of the Candlestick patterns as conditions in your trading logic!

Change Log

Build 1 - 3/9/2021
  • Baseline release.