DoubleStrike (NASDAQ 100) by BigReturns

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As this trade system is new there were no paying subscribers at the time of this change.

Based on feedback, the the following changes were made to this system.

- Modified from processing longs and shorts to longs only.
- Changed the position size from 7% to 14.2%
- Added additional trade qualifiers to reduce trading approximately 80% while maintaining a high level of return.

System data was reset and simulation data now reflects updated system simulation and out-of-sample results.
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Unfortunately, your system's equity/drawdown charts failed to upload.

We've had this issue before and determined that it might be related to the historical price data on author's PC, like when it gets corrupted. Please try upload again, and if this doesn't work, double check your data and reload the whole price data if possible. Let me know how it goes.

The Data Tool can help with both data validity check and wiping out the DataSet before reloading.


Data Tool manual
Extension download link

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