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From today the system is slightly modificated due to technical aspects. That means that till today in the out-of-sample-results some submitted signals strictly not were entered because of insufficient capital, although the capital was exhausted only a few USD. This is not real life. In real life all this positions are entered because of margin. So from today we increase the margin from 1.0 to 1.1 to solve this technical problem in WealthSignals. This is only a technical modification, the system itself is unchanged.

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In real life a) positions can easily be skipped if you don't have sufficient capital and b) not all accounts are margin-enabled (there are cash-only accounts). Just to clear the wrong impression from pinning down with a label, this should not be incorrectly portrayed as a "technical problem in WealthSignals". You had the option to select a suitable Margin Factor at the time of system creation but for whatever reason it wasn't done. As WS does not provide endless margin, authors must be careful so as not to exhaust the margin level.
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