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Hi Dartboard Trader,

Happy new year.

I just started a subscribing to the Blue Moon. I was wondering what time are the signals usually delivered.

Also, would you mind sharing the calendar year returns of the back test period...something similar to the "By Period" tab in WL. Just curious.

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Signals are usually posted after 6pm EST and before 8:30am EST. It will vary. This is partly why I named my end-of-day systems as such.

Regarding a backtest, using a 10 year period 8/16/2003 - 8/16/2013 showed the following "By Period" data. Consider this system uses a 2:1 margin, when evaluating the risk/return. Standard disclaimer: The backtest is not a guarantee of future performance. The backtest performed quite well during severe market conditions of 2007, 2008, and 2011. As with any strategy, one can only confirm success using the walk-forward results.

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Thanks Dartboard trader for the information on the back test returns.
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