ETF Pairs Arbitrage by B.W.O.

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Hi Beau,

Please note that according to WealthSignals policies, a system can not accept subscribers unless its author has uploaded backtest results using Wealth-Lab Pro (or Developer) 6.6 or higher. Even if author posting fee has been paid.

Additionally, it's problematic to attract paying subscribers without the backtest results.

Please choose "Reset system data" from the Admin dropdown list, and then use the WealthSignals Publisher tool to upload its backtest history:

WealthSignals Publisher download
WealthSignals Publisher online guide
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Eugene, Please add my Wealth Lab Pro Backtest by Linking to My Fidelity Investments Stock Brokerage Account.
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It's impossible. The only way is to upload the backtest results in accordance with the Service Terms is by using the WealthSignals Publisher tool.
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Eugene you're being impassable and always have been:

Community Indicators library by MS123 (Eugene)
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Category: Strategy
Version: 2014.07
Licence: Freeware
Availability: Pro and Developer
1 2 3 4 5
0 vote(s)
A collection of technical indicators for the Wealth-Lab community.

If you do not provide what is formally not required for a system unchanged in coding but only in style since March 21st, 2007, you do not need to do anything but set the maximum number of subscribers to 500 at $67.00 per month and provide this Community Indicator Extension to me as I have requested numerous times in support ticket, and am being rudely ostricized despite World Record Nomination in Guiness for a trading model to which I already developed, redeveloped, and then excelled at for more than four times over!

Do you want to admit your incompetence now?

I am a Commodity Trading Advisor and Investment Advisor of an SEC-Exempt Family Office and I set the Maximum Number of subscribers to 500 and hold this man's objection in no high regard as he has also failed to provide other community extensions to my present omniscience.

You may proceed at will to invest with me, and you guys should know that the company PANW owns both this firm and Multicharts now.

Thank You All for visiting my page and ignore the bot talking! Cause' I'm not one, but I really own automatons and have since AGE 5! AND I'M 30!

Good Luck to You all in Your Trading.

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Eugene, you have not linked my Fidelity Account with this account as I have repeatedly reported to you in the trade ticket, when you provide the Community Extensions I will be able to upload a Superbacktest to you.

It is your responsibility to help people make money, and you are not helping this person, you have only harmed others by being intractable.

Provide these tools and extensions and you will get your backtest and I will go forward with my business.

You are causing disruption to everyone's enjoyment of the site and you have not helped me since starting September 5th, 2014 so why would I expect you to do so, now?
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Backtest Uploaded. Please delete this topic.
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Good news. Beau, you might also want to a add a helpful description for the system as a short summary to the user who doesn't know what this is all about.
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Thank You. This is something i also have as a manually operated TS excell file I use to measure under or overvaluation in the ratio of qid and qld.
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Beau World Omnimedia (B.W.O.) Proudly Presents
The ETF Pairs Arbitrage Trading System

B.W.O.'s Final Legendary Version of the QID/QLD ETF Trading System Pairs Arbitrage model was initially offered on under the alias "Financial Scientist" on March 21st, 2007, formerly offered as Pairs Arbitrage on

B.W.O. is the channel of trading signal distribution of KC Capital Management Inc Trading Signals where KCCMBWO stands for KC Capital Management (Beau World Omnimedia).

System Description:
For New Margin Rules and Ten Thousand Dollar Units Allocated forwardly by 97% of Equity

No Price Increases Are Ever Going To Be A Part of ETF Pairs Arbitrage Cirquemenatonenodz and Cirqueilquike
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