Blue Moon by DartboardTrader

All system report performance data is based on hypothetical results. Any interpretation of data presented that leads to an investment is at your own risk.

The "Blue Moon" system trades a selective mix of the Nasdaq 100. Additional entry and exit criteria limit the number of trades, lower market exposure, and may lower drawdowns (as observed in the backtest). Blue Moon uses a 2:1 margin, versus Moonlighting's 1.3:1 margin.

Features of this model:
* Uses daily limit orders to enter and exit positions. All positions are long. No short positions.
* This system has additional criteria for selecting initial limit orders, meaning fewer open orders on average. (About 25 limit orders on average.)

Features of the backtested system:
* The risk to reward of the backtest is favorable.
* Max drawdown was 1/2 of the backtest APR. Showed a high win percentage (over 70%) and positive Win:Loss ratio.
* The backtest averaged 70% market exposure. Higher than Moonlighting, but this comes proportionally with the leverage in use.
* Backtests are useful to evaluate a system's past, but the forward test, as verified by WealthSignals, is the most important factor.

The 2:1 margin account size of $50,000 was chosen to overcome the cost of commissions. Cash-only accounts may require double the desired 2:1 margin account size.

Two brokerage features are required to effectively trade this system automatically:
1) Your broker must allow entering limit orders beyond the currently available account cash/equity. (Beware, some brokers only allow you to enter limit orders using only the available equity.) Consider using WealthLab's "WealthSignals Trader" to "Download Signals", select all signals and press "Monitor [Signals] in Quotes Window", then set the Quotes Monitor to "Auto-Stage" signals when they are within a desirable "Trigger Threshold" of the signal's Limit price.
2) Your broker must cancel a trade at time of potential execution, if it would exceed an account's 2:1 margin. (Beware, some brokers offer variable margin amounts which swing from 2:1 margin overnight to 4:1 margin during market hours. Beware, some brokers offer margin amounts beyond the 2:1 margin chosen for this system.) Or consider using a cash account, so margin is not a concern.

The number of subscribers is limited. Consider following this system using a simulated account to become familiar with setting up the daily trading signals.

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Michael Bytnar

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System Account:
($57,100.82)Cash $50,000.00Total Value
Starting Capital: $50,000.00
Margin Factor: 2.00:1
Instrument: US Stocks
Self-Traded: No
Launch Date: 8/16/2013
Status:system statos
Subscription fee: $100.00 per Month
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