Wealth Signals

WealthSignals (Beta) Service Announcement

We are proud to announce the public launch of our new service: WealthSignals.

WealthSignals encompasses both our Trading System Subscriber Network (TSSN) and our Sandbox zone for virtual trading and forward testing your trading systems based on up-to-the-minute hypothetical data.

Although the current version of WealthSignals is in its BETA phase, we are confident that you will find it rich in functionality and features.

During this our BETA phase, which is expected to run until mid-June 2013, we have temporarily amended our WealthSignals Legal Disclosures and Policies in order to make it easier for members to get started. The following advantages now apply:

  • For Trading System authors, our first 6-month publishing fee is waived. In other words, you get a six month trial period when posting your Trading System during our Beta phase. If you cancel your Trading System before the end of your trial you will not be billed. (Special Free Publishing OFFER)
  • For Trading System subscriber, all Trading System trial periods will be EXTENDED: Trading systems will have their trial subscription periods extended through the 14th of June, 2013. That is to say, the author configured trial period won't start until the 14th of June, 2013.
  • Our Probationary Period for new Trading Systems will be shorten to 5 days instead of our standard 30 days. This means Trading Systems will become available for subscription sooner! Our Probationary Period will return to our standard 30 days on June 1, 2013.

Authors this is your chance to get a big head start establishing your valuable Trading System in our network and growing your subscriber base with no risk! Keep in mind your strategy code never leaves your desktop.

Subscribers here´s your chance to evaluate our End of Day Trading Systems based on mechanical strategies. If you find something that looks good and works for you, start trading it immediately!

Whether you're an author or a potential subscriber, we would really appreciate your help getting the word out about WealthSignals. Please take a minute to notify your contacts! Thank you.

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