DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Program) [Rev.A] by Cone

Rev.A - (by Cone) Altered code to use Yahoo! Finance dividend stream for WealthLabDev and Fidelity dividends for WealthLabPro. No longer requires MS123 Fundamental/News Providers or Morningstar. Added parameter to set initial buy & hold shares and removed trade lines.

This Strategy, created by users WinOpt and thodder, attempts to simulate a DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Program).



  • Buy an initial number of shares

  • When dividend is paid, use all the cash to buy additional shares

  • Buy & hold (no sells)

The features of this modification:

  1. The initial number of shares is a program constant(NetShares)

  2. When the div is paid, NewShares is calculated.

  3. SetShareSize() is used to set the share size to the NewShares value.

  4. NetShares is incremented by NewShares to keep a running total.


Author: Cone
Category: Fundamentals
Creation Date: 7/29/2017
Licence: Freeware
Availability: Globally
Instructions for Script Download
  1. In Wealth-Lab client software, open the Strategy Explorer (Ctrl+O)
  2. Click the "Download..." button
  3. Click "Begin Download"
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