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Mystical End Of Month
Published by vk on 12/5/2022
This strategy is based on the idea by Norman Fosback from the 1970's: the stock market is generally bullish at the beginning and end of each month. It buys X market days before the end of the month and sells Y market days after the start of the following month. I publish it with the QLD, it works on mostly all US index ETFs. (that what I tested) Try it yourself. I usee 99% of the portfolio value. While I was doing it, I discovered something really interesting... I reduce the position size here on the website to 95%. Want to know why?
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C# Strategy Tips

• Strategies are coded in the C# language and utilize the Microsoft .NET framework.

• Your Strategy is a .NET class derived from the UserStrategyBase base class.

• Override Initialize to perform one-time tasks like creating indicators.

• Override Execute, which is called once for every bar of data being processed, to implement your trading rules.

• Check the Online WealthLab Framework Reference for documentation on classes and methods.